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The Bonnie View Inn was founded and named in 1924. The property consisted of a small cottage with a stone foundation. This same foundation is under the main lobby. In 1943 construction of the main inn and cottages was initiated. By 1945, the main inn and 14 cabins were complete. 

In the 1950s the basement was used as a speak easy during prohibition. People would sneak into the basement to be served drinks and play pool. There are original Scottish paintings on the walls.

Over time, the chalets have been replacd with the suite building. In the 1960s the dockside patio was actually a "boatel" (pull up boathouse hotel). In 1980, the botel structure was replaced with the deck that is currently there.

The Inn has seen many changes over the years, but still maintains the same unique charm. 


Up until 2020, Andrea Hagarty ran Bonnie View Inn. Andrea came on staff at age 19 and in 2005 bought the Inn and hands on managed it for the next decade and 1/2.  With her children all grown up she decided to sell and admits she was very protective in the process. After 30 years of work, she didn’t want to hand off to just anyone.


When she met with Ryan Yates, she knew he and his family were the ones. Ryan is Canadian by birth and spent summers of his childhood on neighbouring Lake Boshkung. He and his family lived over seas in Haiti as his parents were involved in international health work there. He met his wife while there and began his family. After a decade of living abroad Ryan returned with to Canada with his young family with the intent to invest- he too, selective in the process. 

When the Yates met with Andrea they felt an immediate respect for what she has grown in the community - this compelled them to invest resources and pour energy into advancing the Bonnie View brand. Ryan's wife Stephanie’s twin sister and her husband, the Brandts, were also compelled to invest. The two families along with Andrea manage Bonnie View Inn together.




The Yates/Brandts are the Inn’s sixth owners since its establishment in 1924. Bonnie View is their work to nurture Andrea's Northern community and infuse the experience with touches of home they have experienced in other parts of the world.  


“I wanted somebody who was going to run it and be awesome for the community."        Andrea Hagarty 

“There is no substitute for Andrea’s knowledge and expertise when it comes to Bonnie  View.”    Ryan Yates

“I believe resorts in Ontario need to be hands on to succeed, Ryan is defiantly a  hands on owner. He just has great new, fresh, young ideas. Ryan and his family treat the  locals  and guests the same as I would.”    Andrea Hagarty


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