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Nearly 100 Years of History

The Bonnie View Inn was founded and named in 1924. The property consisted of a small cottage with a stone foundation. This same foundation is under the main lobby. In 1943 the main inn and cottages started being built all with planed local wood. By 1945, the main inn and 14 cabins were built. There was one bathroom in the main inn for all the guests and two outside for the guests in the cabins to use.


In the 1950's the basement was used as a speak easy during prohibition. People sneaked in the basement to be served drinks and play pool and party. There are original Scottish paintings on the walls down in the basement.

Over time, the chalets have been replaced with the suite building and bathrooms have been added to each of the cabins. In the 1960's the dockside patio was actually a "boatel" (pull up boathouse hotel). In 1980, the boatel structure was replaced with the deck that is currently there now. 

The Inn has seen so many changes over the years but still maintains the same unique charm. Come for a visit and check out our display in the lounge! Here's a little taste!

OWNERS/OPERATORS--Bonnie View is in the process of a transition! :)  Andrea Hagarty has been working at the inn since 1991 & owning it since 2005.  The Yates family now live onsite and they are the PERFECT people to take over to keep the inn awesome!!  At this time Andrea & the Yates family are operating the inn together as a team.

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