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Summer swims at Bonnie View Inn

Nestled among the rugged landscape of the Canadian Shield


We're proud to call the Haliburton​ Highlands home. Allow us to guide your explorations if you wish to venture beyond Bonnie View. There is much to inspire your inner adventurer

Come and experience the uniqueness of the Haliburton Highlands for yourself.


Be sure to check out My Haliburton Highlands for the most recent and up to date information about events and activities in the area. 

Parasailing in the Haliburton Highlands
Cliff jumping in the Haliburton Highlands

Deep forest meet clear lake in natural vistas of Ontario's Haliburton Highlands.  They have a charm that invites you to come and stay a while. To be physically immersed in the the vast, wild outdoor spaces invigorates your senses and generates a deep sense of calm. Explore the wide network of trails and waterways to maximize the time spent at the Bonnie View Inn. 

"Nestled among the rugged landscape of the Canadian Shield, the Haliburton Highlands is a region rich with heritage, abundant with lakes, trails, and locals who welcome you as family. Embrace a vibrant arts community that perfectly complements the picturesque landscape of #MyHaliburtonHighlands."

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