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Our Story

The Makers of Home

Inn owners Ryan and Stephanie Yates and their four children journeyed from the sage of their Caribbean home and made the decision to buy Bonnie View Inn. When they met Andrea- the woman who founded the Inn, they felt an immediate respect for what she has grown in the community - this compelled them to invest resources and pour energy into advancing the Bonnie View brand. 


From their coastal home in the Caribbean, a tiny log cabin set in on the deep dark blues and sage greens of Hispaniola. The waters call them. They felt it was possible to create home on the shores of Lake Kashagawigamog. They asked what the name Kashagawigamog meant and learned it is an Anishnaabeg name meaning “lake of long and winding waters." They decided that they would make home along those waters. The waters whisper not so unlike the waters of the Caribbean Sea - their far off home. Bonnie View is their work to nurture Andrea's Northern community and infuse the experience with touches of home they have experienced in other corners of the world.  

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They have a unique ability of curating quaint corners you see it as you look around the newly renovated lounge space- sage and deep blues with a splash here and there of bright Caribbean fuchsia or deep bold Sahara sun- you feel it in the textures of the pine tables and ___. It is their intent to nurture a young team. Provide them with a lakeside work experience that leave them with transferable skills.  As a busy family of six, Ryan and Stephanie understand how invaluable down time with children is- belly laughs around a diner table, the endless summer days exploring the wonders of the lake, watching the sense of wonder as they explore the wonders of the lake. They take pride in curating an experience that allows you to reconnect with yourself and with your loved ones. It is a gift as parents to let our little ones take the lead....remind us the deep pleasure that resides in nature, that resides in the simplist little pleasures.  


 Let us curate the ultimate family escape, where every member of your tribe is welcome to share sun-soaked adventures, treasured down-time, and laughter-filled moments around the dining table. The gift of a deep sense of connectedness that only time close to our natural world can give us. This is your invitation to recharge and reconnect away from everyday demands. To watch your family flourish amid the wild beauty of our one-of-a-kind destinations. To simply be.

They are the heart of this space, of this experience. Let them host you!


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